FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – AUGUST

Congrats to Christian Williams, manager of Rumbo FC on winning the FPL Vibes monthly prize for August. He wins an EPL team jersey of his choice with name and number.

The FPL Vibes Prize League table is not as closely bunched as one might think it should be this early in the piece. We can blame this on the Double Game Week 1 where Chelsea and Reading played twice so the gap between 1st, (183 pts) and last, (89 pts) is a whopping 94 points. That being said we have to give credit to Rumbo FC, Christian Williams, aka CW, aka the Godmod for leaping ahead of the pack. Also, many kudos to AC Gunners FC, Alon Cooper for finishing a close second on 177 pts. In the third position is Rudy Rudy’s  FAMALEEMAN with 171 points.

Lets shift our focus back to Rumbo FC. With no form as a guide initially at the beginning of a FPL season a manager has to rely on his gut feeling, previous reputation of players and the fixture list.  In a shortened monthly prize period of 2 Gameweeks  Rumbo has made some interesting selections. In Gameweek one he started with a lineup of Torres(C), Tevez,  Noble, Hazard, Michu, Gerrard, Santi Cazorla, Ivanovic, Vidic, Hangeland and Vorm. This fired him to total a whopping 110 points! A century to start! Raise your bat Rumbo! The major point earners for Rumbo were Ivanovic(24), Hazard(21), Michu(18) and Torres as captain with 18. Throw in a couple cleanies in defence and a great Gameweek score was carded.

Rumbo then tweaked his lineup for Gameweek 2, taking a 4 point hit and selling Gerrard and Vaz Te to bring in Ben Arfa and Ba. This time his total was an impressive 77 points with major point earners being captain Tevez(24), Torres(11), Hazard(13) Michu(10) and again a couple of cleanies.

Great start for Rumbo FC but as we all know the race is a marathon not a sprint and there are many twists and turns till next May. 36 GWs to go and a lot to play for. Who will be the monthly prize winner for September?

Can you feel the Vibes?


By: Rene Ribeiro


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