FPL Vibes Podcast Season 2 Episode 3 – RVP… #thatisall


We are back with the third episode in season 2 of the FPL Vibes Podcast brought to you by Socawarriors.net.

Hosts Omar and Darryl are joined by special guest Anthony “Firebrand” Valley. We recap gameweek 3 including a performance from Robin Van Persie that set alarm bells ringing. We then review some of the transfer deadline prospects on the radar.

As always we end with a preview of the upcoming gameweek 4.

Hope you enjoy.

Is ah vibes.



  1. Jahera "TriniItalian" Parris

    Guys listening to this at about 5am saturday morning, nad a question popped into my head. You know with like uefa games full line ups are made available 2 hrs before gametime, is there any site that gives line ups b4 logoff time premierleague.com.

    Second I personally find the news on premierleague.com to be bogus at times directly relating to injuries and injury doubts, plenty times I sell men to see them score braces in the same game they had a 75% chance of not sweating, can you discuss good websites that deliver accurate team news? whether it be injuries, coach/player falling out, coach favouring specific formation/palyer preferences for games or generally what research tools are available if you don’t want to sell out your specific method of acquiring info

    • FPL Vibes

      Thanks for the comment…

      Definitely we are about sharing information so I think its a good idea for us to together and come up with a post with resources/sites in the near future.

      Offhand, I know that twitter is a great source for up to date lineups and injury updates etc if you are following the right sources.

      We also have a whatsapp group where everyone is fairly open with info (for now 🙂 ), so if you’re interested email us your digits at fplvibes@gmail.com and we can add you.

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