FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – SEPTEMBER

By Rene Ribiero

Ahhhhh… so we are at the end of another month in the FPL Vibes Prize League. Six gameweeks are gone and the leader at the moment is Alon Cooper with his ‘AC GUNNERS FC’ totaling 394 points. Well done to Alon but his consistency so far does not quite land him the September monthly team jersey prize. This honour belongs to 2nd placed side ‘D Pipers’ managed by Hidalgo aka Mr Menace, who has chosen a Chelsea FC 3rd kit (Hazard #17) for his prize. Congratulations to the menacing Hidalgo who is also setting the early pace in the overall race. It is very interesting to note that only 122 points separates the leader from the side at the bottom. With 32 gameweeks to go everyone still has a shout for the overall honours and if things do not work out, aiming for a strong month can land you a team jersey.

Let us focus on the September champ ‘D Pipers’. He lined up in GW3 in a 3-5-2 formation with Vorm, Shawcross, Rafael, Walker, Allen, Santi Cazorla, Bale, Yaya Toure, Routledge, Tevez and Petric. This garnered him a healthy 64 points with captain Tevez getting 30 points, Cazorla with 13, Yaya Toure with 9 and Routledge also with 9. For GW4 Hidalgo made one transfer, taking out Petric and replacing him with Steven Fletcher from Sunderland. This canny move earned him 9 points as Fletcher scored a goal and received three bonus points. Other notable point earners were captain Tevez with 10, Bale with 11 and three clean sheets from Ashley Cole, Rafael and Walker. The gameweek total in this case was 63 points. Prior to GW5 ‘The Menacing One’ sold Walker and Allen and replaced them with Naughton and Morrison respectively. The gameweek total in this case was even better with 71 points and the high point earners were Rafael (11), Ashley Cole (15), captain Bale (16) and Fletcher (9). In the last gameweek of September (GW6) Hidalgo went on the offensive and sold Naughton bringing in the much sought after Baines. He also sold Torres to bring in the red hot sharpshooter from Newcastle, Demba Ba. Even with a captaincy failure of 4 points from Baines ‘D Pipers’ was able to haul in 64 points. High point earners included Demba Ba (13), Bale (16), Fletcher (8) and Shawcross with a cleanie.

We have witnessed remarkable consistency from Mr. Menace and his side is certainly not living up to its name and cannot be described as ‘piping’. Maybe a more apt description is that his side is ‘piping hot’! So the marker has been laid down for September and if ‘D Pipers’ gets complacent it will be at his own peril. The FPL Vibes prize league is super competitive and everyone will be fighting hard for the October prize. October will also contain only three gameweeks as there is a two week break for international footie.

Best of luck to all!



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