FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – OCTOBER

So in a somewhat shortened FPL schedule for October of three gameweeks who was top of the pile for the month? None other than one of the co-founders of the FPL Vibes Omar Romero with his Sporting Pelau FC. Omar amassed an impressive 201 points for October and warded off fellow FPL Vibes podcast host Darryl ‘Two Cents’ Celestine down the stretch. The third monthly jersey prize goes to Omar and and he has chosen a Chelsea Oscar 11 third kit for his prize. Congratulations!

We must recognize the top three sides in the overall standings which are D Pipers, AC Gunners FC and Tu Mama, in that order of placing. The table is still pretty tight and with 29 Gameweeks to go there is a lot of drama to unfold I am sure.

Let us now take a closer look at Omar’s exploits for October. In Gameweek 7 Omar amassed an impressive 82 points with major contributions from captain Torres(24), Ivanovic(12), Cazorla(9),Pienaar(8), Hazard(8) and crowned off with the consistent Baines(6). Note that Omar went into Gameweek 7 having made no transfers. He then made two transfers for Gameweek 8, getting Nolan for clubmate Noble and Berbatov for Torres. 52 points was collected on this occasion with a bold captain choice of Nolan(24) laying the foundation. Other major point earners of note were Michu(8) and Tevez(7).

The Pelau then sold FPL stalwarts Ivanovic and Michu to get Shawcross and Bale in. Clearly Omar was playing the fixtures and being brave by selling players that had been very productive in FPL terms up to that point. This 4 point hit helped Omar to claim 71 points in the final October Gameweek with captain Tevez(18), Bale(10), Ba(8) and Shawcross(9) being the big point men. Omar’s great month has helped him to leap up the table to 8th spot. Clearly there is hope for anybody then!!! Sorry couldn’t resist… but what this shows is that a strong run of three or four gameweeks can get your side right back into contention for top honours.

Gameweek 10 awaits and Manchester United square up against Arsenal in the early kickoff. Great way to start a Gameweek indeed.


by Rene Ribiero


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