Fantasy League Superstition: The “Fly yuh Locks” effect

Ever felt that your player didn’t score points because you weren’t sitting in front of the TV watching him play? Averse to changing the station lest you upset the football matrix? Or do you withhold from celebrating your defender’s clean sheet points before the 90 minutes is up just in case you “jumbie” the points? Just how much of an impact does superstition have on your fantasy league management?

In this inaugural superstition post, we discuss the dreaded “Fly yuh Locks” effect.

This pic circulating today on the internet is purported to be the shorn locs of David Luiz.

Many a player in the past has exhibited a remarkable dip in form that coincided with a drastic change in hairstyle. The best example this season has been Steven Pienaar, who saw his red hot early season run of form stunted when he cut off his signature plaid hairstyle. The points dried up as he struggled to adapt to his new lightweight crown while Marouane Fellaini with his trademark afro took over in racking up the points. But before him, several other players have succumbed to this unexplained phenomenon (Emmanuel Adebayor and Frederic Piquionne are a couple that come to mind).

With this in mind, we ask what effect will David Luiz’s new hairstyle have on his performances. Feel free to share your comments as well.



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