FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – JANUARY

I am tasked with the duty of writing this roundup this month because our regular site contributor and writer of this piece, manager Rene Ribiero with his team BESBRAHN FC is the winner of the monthly prize for January. His team amassed a mammoth 329 points in a packed January month which included 5 gameweeks. By far his best month for the season, this impressive run has fired Besbrahn up to third place in the FPL Vibes Prize League.  Alon Cooper with his AC Gunners FC maintains first place, while Jo Ro with his Real Skinner Park FC barely keeps hold of second place on having made less transfers for the season. For his choice of jersey, Rene has selected an Arsenal Third Kit (Black/Purple) – Wilshire – 10 – Size M. Let us take a more detailed look into Rene’s progress through January.

The month started off with a bang as Besbrahn compiled a monster 100 point haul to set the early pace. His team was paced by Van Persie-captain (32), Suarez (16), Benteke (11), O’Brien (15), Walcott (7) and Nelsen (7). He then unleashed his January wildcard in Gameweek 22 and revamped his entire squad ahead of the Chelsea\Southampton double gameweek. He posted another strong score of 82 points, with key contributors being Mata-captain (32), Ba (9), Van Persie (6), Bale (6), Shaw (7), Luiz (6) and Bunn (7). He then made just the one transfer bringing Gibbs for Luiz ahead of the Arsenal/West Ham double game week and posted another impressive score of 91 points. This time the point getters in his team were Walcott (36), Van Persie (9), Suarez (9), Mata (9), Davies (10) and Federici (6).

In Gameweek 24, Rene chose to hold fire on his transfers and the Beshbrahn posted a more modest showing of 56 points even though it was well above the average in a quiet gameweek. He got his points on the back of Mata (14), Walcott (8), Bale (8), Suarez (6) and Davies (6).  This was a truly remarkable way to finish the month to hold off his challengers and claim the monthly prize.

We would like to recognize the stellar management by Rene during a tricky January month that threw two double gameweeks, a wildcard and the transfer window at FPL managers. What was most impressive is that he was able to achieve the feat without taking any point hits for the entire month showing that patience often pays great dividends in the game. This tactic helped him to avert a strong challenge down the stretch by Nigel Smith with his Trini Red Devils.

There are 13 gameweeks to go in the season and the table in the FPL Vibes Prize League is still tight. There are also four (4) more monthly prizes up for grabs, where we expect Rene to resume his writing duties. Who will be the winners??


By Omar Romero



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