FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – FEBRUARY

So how is FPL treating everyone in the New Year? Now that Carnival is over and excuses for some poor showings are out of the way a February FPL Vibes league winner has emerged and that man is Sean Cross with his side – Toilet Paper FC. Sean amassed 237 points in a short 3 Gameweek month, certainly an impressive achievement. In news of the leaders, the league is still led by Alon Cooper with his AC GUNNERS FC followed by yours truly Rene Ribiero with BESBRAHN FC in second place. In third place is Jahera Parris with the Flatter To Deceive squad. Let us take a more in depth look at Toilet Paper FC’s exploits during February.

In gameweek 25 Sean took the gamble of captaining an out of form ‘Afro man’ Fellaini and netting him thirty points. Other scores of note came from Bunn(11), Lambert(8), Lampard(7) and Rafael and Walcott with 6 points apiece. For Gameweek 26 Sean sold Lukaku and Azpilicueta to get Sturridge and Huth in. The result of this was a total of 100 points so we certainly hope that Sean raised his bat! On to Gameweek 27 then where Sturridge was quickly dismissed in favour of Fletcher and Snodgrass replaced by Sissoko. Toilet Paper FC was able to bring home a total of 60 in a low scoring Gameweek to seize the February team jersey prize. The high scorers were Rafael(15), Lambert(11) and Sissoko(10).

Now I give the loyal readers this poem or extempo if you want to jazz it up a bit:

“So while Toilet Paper FC made a mockery of his name, at the top there was more of the same.

AC Gunners FC, destroying like Messi

While second placed BESBRAHN tried to come up with a plan.

Jahera say he flatter, but he’s gifted like Juan Mata.

Have no fear FPL boys, there is a lot of time to make noise.

Do not worry, you will not capsize

As with FPL Vibes…..anybody…… can take home a prize.”


By Rene Ribiero


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