FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – MARCH

The beauty of FPL Vibes Prize League is that anyone can win a prize. So even a guy that professes to play the game for fun can have a serious month and win a team jersey. That man we speak of is the winner for March Nkosi Doyle with his team, Fun Guy’s FC. Congratulations to Nkosi on an excellent run in March and we must also note the top three sides in the prize league which are  Real Skinner Park (1), AC GUNNERS FC (2) and BESBRAHN FC (3). With six Gameweeks to go it is quite clear that many in the league stand a chance of getting into the top three, especially with a few Double Gameweeks on offer to rack up points. Let us take a deeper look at Nkosi’s moves for March which landed him the honours this time around.

In Gameweek 28 Nkosi amassed 82 points with the high point earners being Captain Suarez(34), Fellaini(12), Bale(10) and Davies(7). He then sold Cameron to get Santon in for GW29 and totalled 51 with big contributions from Captain Suarez(24) , Bale(8) and Martin(6). Clearly, placing the armband on Suarez was reaping profit for Fun Guy’s FC. In GW30 Nkosi got Maloney in for Taraabt  and  Benteke in to acquire Lambert. The resulting 50 points was largely due to Santon(10), Begovic(9) and Mata and Benteke with 6 apiece. In the last Gameweek of March Nkosi sold the ‘noble Afro’ Fellaini to get in Cazorla, and O’Shea was disposed of to get another Arsenal player in Mertesacker. Clearly Nkosi was looking to the future with Arsenal having a double gameweek in GW 33. These changes bore fruit as Fun Guy’s FC made an impressive 68 points with captain Cazorla(24), Bale(13) and RVP(7) being the ‘high men’.

The prize went down to the very last game of the week, but Fun Guy’s FC was able to pip Real Skinner Park by one point and hold off a late surge from the Soca Warriors who finished just three points back. This was one of the closest finishes for the monthly honours in the entire season and reflects the great skill and FPL acumen that teams in this league possess.

So onto DGW 33! Who say 5,6,7, or even 8 men to double? Who has a wildcard to unleash? Who has a surprise?


by Rene Ribiero


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