The new bonus points system makes its debut in the 2013/14 Fantasy Premier League season. It utilises a variety of stats and gives another dimension to this year’s FPL. It rewards those players that would not traditionally garner the bonus points such as defensive midfielders and ball playing defenders. With the new system it is also now more possible for players who score and assist to miss out on the bps while hard working, less glamorous names nab the extra reward.


I will summarise how points can be scored and then how they can be lost.

Players score BPS points based on the following  (one point for each unless otherwise stated):

  • Playing in a game
  • Playing over 60 minutes
  • Scoring goals
    • Goalkeepers and defenders (4 points)
    • Midfielders (6 points)
    • Fowards (8 points)
  • Assists (3 points)
  • Goalkeepers and defenders keeping a clean sheet (4 points)
  • Saving a penalty (5 points)
  • For every 3 saves
  • For every 3 open play crosses
  • Creating a big chance (a chance where the receiving player should score)
  • For every 8 clearances, blocks and interceptions (total)
  • For every 8 recoveries
  • Providing key passes
  • Making 3 tackles
  • Scoring the goal that wins a match
  • Pass Completion (after making at least 30 passes)
    • 70% completion (1 point)
    • 80% completion (2 points)
    • 90% completion (3 points)


    Points are lost like this (one point for each unless otherwise stated):

  • Conceding a penalty
  • Missing a penalty (-2 points)
  • For every 2 goals conceded by goalkeepers and defenders
  • Yellow cards
  • Red cards (-3 points)
  • Own goals (-2 points)
  • Missing a big chance
  • Making an error which leads to a goal
  • Every 2 errors leading to an attempt at goal
  • Being tackled 3 times
  • Conceding 2 fouls
  • Being caught offside 3 times
  • Missing the target with 3 shots


What does this mean to the Fantasy League manager?

Defenders seem to be the biggest beneficiaries of this system. They are in line for a combination of pass completion, clearance and recovery points and there is no penalty for lack of shots. A defender like Jan Vertonghen of Spurs would be an interesting choice as he is a ball playing defender with an attacking instinct. Defenders are more in the fray than forwards and midfielders to accrue points.   You are not going to find most forwards making clearances in and around their own penalty area. Perhaps a striker that is tall,good in the air and defends at corners is worth a punt but you get the drift. Defensive midfielders also make a case for inclusion in your side as they may feature in more categories for scoring than the average attacking mid or forward. Indeed their pass completion may be superior to the tally of defenders. Goalkeepers also factor here as those that make a lot of saves are liable to rack up a healthy point total. In this case selecting a goalkeeper from a top four team may not be as beneficial as the defence would be tighter and less total saves by the goalkeeper would be the most likely scenario.

In addition it is important to note the rewards for pass completion so selecting players from teams that play a heavy possession based game is worth your while. Some examples that come to mind are Swansea,Arsenal and Southampton.  Some Southampton and Swansea players then, may be worth the investment due to the lower price as opposed to players from the top sides in the Prem.

With this food for thought what else can I tell you managers out there on the eve of the 2013/14 season?



By Rene Ribeiro


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