Best Free Trinidadian Fantasy Leagues

For the Fantasy League Managers in Trinidad & Tobago, we wanted to provide the information on three of our favorite leagues available to join free:

The Andre Samuel League – 624566-152005

This league has been around for a number of years and originally found a home on the forum. The league features avid Trinidadian FPL managers based at home and abroad and has grown to over 150 members since inception. The talent level of the league is high, having often been listed in the top 150 leagues worldwide. Managers who reside on page 1 can be regarded as strong players while any placing in top 20 should be viewed as an accomplishment.

The ICEBOX Fantasy League – 1507395-336893

Our friends over at ICEBOX Entertainment (promoters of Suits Breakfast Cruise and Skins Boat Ride) have created an all new free fantasy league with the following incentives:

1. At the end of January, the persons ranked #1 and #2 will receive 3 comp tickets and 2 comp tickets to #suits2014 respectively.

2. At the end of the season, the overall leaders ranked #1 and #2 will receive 3 comp tickets and 2 comp tickets to #skins2014.


  • No toting allowed
  • Only 1 team allowed.
  • Kix and trash talk highly encouraged

The Hypa Drive League – 1786768-391525

Probably the most popular fantasy league in Trinidad and Tobago, the league has the biggest membership of Trinidadian FPL managers. Hosted by radio DJ personality Hypa Hoppa, it is regularly covered on their daily radio show “The Hypa Drive” and is a place where bragging rights have to be earned and are not given.

Good luck to all in the 2013/14 season.


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