FPL Vibes Preview – Gameweek 2

Here are a few talking points from the contributors at FPL Vibes and our combined picks for the upcoming gameweek 2.

Look out for a new podcast next Wednesday.


Omar – “Value in Defenders”

The bonus point allocations from the first gameweek show that defenders have been handsomely rewarded under the new system. Outside of the scoring or assisting defenders like Coleman, Whittaker and Shaw, players like Lovren, Terry, Hangeland and Vertonghen to name a few benefited under the new system from stats like clearances, interceptions, pass completion etc. It is interesting to note that in the Liverpool game, even though Sturridge was the lone scorer he got no bonus and Johnson got 2 (something that would have never happened last year). Investment in defenders, especially those that get on the ball a lot in attacking areas looks crucial going forward.

Rene – “Expensive Midfielders disappoint”

The popular high price midfielders did not have a special gameweek one. These would include Coutinho, Walcott, Hazard, Michu and Cazorla. Hazard was one of the most popular captain choices as he played twice with Chelsea but only registered one assist in the second game against Aston Villa. This puts FPL managers who own these players in a conundrum. Stick or twist? Although its early in the game the temptation is there to downgrade a high price mid to bolster your defence as the defenders(especially fullbacks) have been benefitting much from the bonus points system. On the other hand some of the top teams have not hit full steam yet and when they do the high price mids may get into gear. The only exception in this case is David Silva and Manchester City as both team and player started well against Newcastle.

Darryl – “Stay Calm”

Take a step back, take a long look at what’s in front of you. The key thing to understand is it’s only been 1 week. You haven’t won or lost the league yet, there’s no need for your wildcard as of now. This much we know, defenders with clean sheets will get bonus points, Van Persie is the best striker in the BPL but you can live without him, there are lots of budget options. With this knowledge I think like each season we need to adapt, but not go crazy. How many managers transferred in Lambert after his goal only to moan the arrival of Osvaldo? What fate awaits the many in rushed into the arms of Ross Barkley? We don’t have to wait long to find out. Good luck in week 2.

vibes picks gw2 (2)

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