We are smack dab in the middle of another international break again folks. Yes, I know many groan about the boredom and the lack of league football but its also a good time to reflect and plan ahead. Taking a look at some of the EPL stars involved in the internationals also would not hurt but we at FPL Vibes will now do our part to assist and present a sample of midfielders to consider for your side and how their stats match up.

Most FPL managers have settled on their forward line or at least the best options are obvious so that a switch can be made. The midfield options this year so far have not been as clear cut for the simple reason that the big name ‘heavy hitters’ such as Silva and Hazard have not set the world alight. In addition to this, the returns from midfield have not been as high as previous years up to this point. Some budget options have presented themselves such as Ross Barkley, Aaron Ramsey and Robbie Brady. They have outperformed higher priced options and made it easier for FPL managers to spend more on forwards and defenders. We are going to present midfielders’ performance under the five key categories of goals, assists, passes received in the final third, shot accuracy and chances created.  Some of the high performers will be highlighted along with those who have that potential to score well going forward.

MIDFIELDERS Goals Assists Passes received in final third Shot accuracy (%) Chances created Games played
Ross Barkley(Everton) 2 0 116 26.3 8 7
Robbie Brady(Hull City) 3 1 59 37.5 9 6
Aaron Ramsey(Arsenal) 4 2 103 43.8 8 7
Mesut Ozil(Arsenal) 0 3 95 80 16 4
Yaya Toure(Manchester City) 4 1 109 46.2 9 7
Oscar(Chelsea) 3 0 215 35.3 10 6
Sigurdsson(Tottenham) 3 0 85 53.3 7 6
Lallana(Southampton) 1 2 119 25 13 7
Michu(Swansea) 2 1 94 40.9 16 7
Whittingham(Cardiff) 1 2 103 20 12 7
Hazard(Chelsea) 1 0 131 35.7 14 7
Silva(Manchester City) 1 2 111 50 14 4


The categories selected above highlight the players’ potential to score and create. There are some very revealing stats here which can guide your decisions as some teams have favourable fixtures on the horizon. The upcoming fixture list in addition to this snapshot of players’ form should be a decent gauge for now but we know how quickly things change in the world of football and FPL.

Good luck my fellow managers. May we chose our mids wisely!!

by Rene Ribeiro


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