FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – November

In the month of November, surely many a FPL manager would have thought,”Oh gosh Nigel!, ease us up nuh man!”.  Nigel Smith, manager of Trini Red Devils was unrelenting and rampant in amassing 318 points over the 4 gameweek period to claim the monthly prize. For his choice of jersey, Nigel has selected a Manchester United away Rooney #10 jersey.

Nigel dismissed his nearest challenger by 42 points, such was his dominance. Trini Red Devils now sits in fourth place overall and props must also be given to the top three sides in the league; Alon Cooper’s AC Gunners FC(3rd), Renee Milford’s Tygah Kyat FC(2nd) and Luke Bibby’s Mufcbibb(1st).  We will now take a more in depth look at Nigel’s excellent management in November.

In Gameweek 10 Nigel totalled 88 points taking a four point hit in the process. His highest point earners were captain Kun(36),  rambunctious Rooney(12) and the Welsh wonder Ramsey(10). For Gameweek 11 Nigel sold the injured Silva and got his Manchester City teammate Nasri in and the resulting total was 73 points. The ‘high men’ were captain Suarez(32), Morrison(8) and Baines(8). The Trini Red Devils wagon then rolled along nicely to Gameweek 12 where Taylor(Swansea) was sold for Mertesacker. 74 points garnered this time with the outstanding performers being captain Aguero(30),Rooney(11) and Mertesacker(11). The 11 points for Mertesacker proving the move to be a very canny buy and paying off immediately. Nigel sold the injured Baines and got Terry in for Gameweek 13 and got 83 points to end off a successful Novemeber run. The highest point earners were Nasri(16),Ramsey(15) and Terry and Ozil with 11 apiece.

Trini Red Devils has laid down a marker as we enter the tricky Christmas fixture schedule. Already Gameweek 14 has passed and a lot of FPL Vibes’ managers have crossed the century mark and ‘raised their bats’. The competition is fierce and there is a lot of time remaining with 25 Gameweeks to go. Very soon the free wildcard in January will be upon us and this may determine the strategy for players in December. As we approach Gameweek 15, we salute the Trini Red Devils and ask,

Can you feel the vibes?

by Rene Ribeiro

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