Thinking ‘Forward’!

Yes folks, the  DGW31 is upon us and a staggering 15 games will be played. While managers tinker with their squads we at FPL Vibes have come up with some eye opening stats on the forwards from the last four gameweeks. While goal and assist stats are provided, other key indicators such as penalty area touches are included. Do note the key pass stat which indicates the final pass or pass-cum-shot leading to the recipient of the ball having an attempt at goal without scoring. This is a good way of determining which players generate opportunities for teammates.Even though the regular names like Suarez and Sturridge will be popular, and rightly so, sometimes there is an agonizing decision on your third forward. Have a look, let it soak in, big decisions have to be made as we are in the stretch run! ENJOY!

FORWARDS Goals Assists Key passes Penalty area touches goal attempts
Suarez 2 2 8 40 40
Sturridge 3 3 2 26 22
Lukaku 1 1 8 17 14
Dzeko 1 0 2 32 26
Jelavic 2 0 3 27 36
Carroll 1 2 5 40 22
Van Persie 1 1 2 20 18
Rooney 2 1 8 14 16


by Rene Ribeiro


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