FPL Vibes Prize League winner – April

My goodness FPL managers, the season is nearly over and very soon FPL vibes will crown a champion. The monthly winner is Nigel Smith with his Trini Red Devils and he is in a very good position to become that champion as he sits in first place 24 points in the lead. But wait! This fantastic league similarly to the actual EPL title race has had so many twists and turns that we just cannot write off anyone. Congratulations to Nigel and we also acknowledge the managers in the top 5 prize spots. With two weeks to go we salute Vivek Bissoon with Five by Five FC in 2nd place, Robert Simmons with Tangentman4Eva FC in 3rd place,  Rene Ribeiro with BESBRAHN FC in 4th place and Alon Cooper with AC GUNNERS FC in 5th place. Let us now take a look at Nigel’s exploits for the month of April.

Nigel began with a solid 69 point total in GW33 with the high point men being Gerrard(15), Lukaku(12) and captain Suarez(10). For the pivotal double gameweek 34 Nigel sold Demichelis and Sturridge to get Mariappa and Aguero. A brave move this was considering that Demichelis was also a DGW player for powerhouse team Manchester City. This decision to double up with Crystal Palace defenders paid off and allowed big hitters elsewhere in the Trini Red Devils squad. GW34 total was 74 points and the ‘high men’ were Silva(12), Baines(11) and Ward(10). In GW35 Nigel captured an impressive 86 points and sold the injured duo of Hazard and Yaya Toure to acquire Mata and ‘new flavour of the month’ Eriksen. The major points came from captain Suarez(16), Baines(15), Aguero(12), Coleman(11) and Eriksen(11). To close out the month Trini Red Devils garnered 69 points and sold Silva and Lukaku to get Yaya Toure and Rooney. Impressive totals came from captain Rooney(26), Yaya Toure(14) and Mata(13).

Nigel showed himself as not being afraid of a points hit to get players in and furthermore his transfers in did considerable damage on the fantasy football landscape. We applaud Nigel’s tactical nous much like some of us did for Mourinho’s tactics against Liverpool. Against Atletico Madrid? , well let us leave that for another time, another blog. Nigel Smith has excelled and timed his push well. Can anyone catch him? With the penultimate GW37 being double fixtures for Manchester City, Manchester United,Sunderland FC,Hull City,Aston Villa FC and West Bromwich Albion it gives managers a chance to shake up the table and move up.  With a fight at both ends of the EPL table anything can happen. Good luck my friends!

Can you feel the vibes?

By Rene Ribeiro


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