FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – May

Can you believe it folks? The nine months of thrills and spills have come to an end. Manchester City has won their second BPL title in three years and the corresponding FPL season has been exciting and very eventful. Some would be disappointed with their showing while others may be very chuffed and already planning strategies for next year.

Today we salute our May prize winner, Andrew Boissiere with his team GOLDEN EYES. Andrew tallied the same 163 points as Christian Gittens with his team gitzn11 but prevailed on a tiebreaker by making less transfers for the month. For his choice of jersey, Andrew has selected a Netherlands Home Kit from our official kit supplier Red Mango Kits.  It was only a two gameweek month but Andrew was rewarded for finishing strongly. Let us take an in depth look at Andrew’s final push.

The last double gameweek 37 of the season was disappointing for many managers but not so for ‘GOLDEN EYES’. Andrew amassed an incredible 102 points with captain Dzeko leading the way with 50 points. Other leading lights included Zabaleta(12), Mertesacker(8) and Hart(7). I hope Andrew ‘raised his bat’ for this peerless century!

In preparation for GW38 Andrew sold Lallana and Mertesacker and bought Ward and Gerrard. He totalled 61 points on this occasion with Gerrard(11),Ramsey(10) and Zabaleta(9) being the star performers for ‘GOLDEN EYES’. What is remarkable about Andrew’s feat is that he landed the monthly prize without the fantasy giant, Yaya Toure. Zabaleta and Dzeko proved to be the key men for Andrew in his push to the May monarchy just as they were key for coach Manuel Pellegrini in the club’s push for the BPL title.

Congratulations to Andrew as well as all other monthly winning managers in FPL Vibes for their sterling efforts this season.  The FPL managers in this league have exhibited tactical acumen of the highest order and in my opinion winning prizes gets harder with each passing year. Look out for a coming article which wraps up the league and recognizes the top 5 managers in the overall standings.

We anxiously await the 2014 World Cup which will keep the football vibes bubbling till August 17th when we do it all over again.

I must end by asking all managers..

Did you feel the vibes?

by Rene Ribeiro







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