T&T’s Best Free FPL Mini Leagues

Attention Fantasy League Managers in Trinidad & Tobago. Here’s a quick overview of the best FPL mini leagues available to join for FREE:


The Andre Samuel League – 75040-23791

A long standing FPL mini league, named after its founder – the ASL originally found a home on the T&T football fan site Socawarriors.net. The league features almost 200 avid Trinidadian FPL managers based locally and abroad. Home to alot of FPL veterans, the league has often been listed in the top 150 leagues worldwide. Managers who reside on page 1 can be regarded as strong players while any placing in top 20 should be viewed as an accomplishment.


The ICEBOX Fantasy League – 932254-223954

Our friends over at ICEBOX Entertainment (promoters of Suits Breakfast Cruises and Skins Boat Ride) have created an all new free fantasy league with the following incentives:

1. At the end of January, the persons ranked #1 and #2 will receive 2 comp tickets and 1 comp ticket to #SUITS2018 respectively.

2. At the end of the season, the overall leaders ranked #1 and #2 will receive 2 comp tickets and 1 comp tickets to #SKINS2018.

A Few Simple Rules:

  1. Doh Wig.
  2. Kix and trash talk highly encouraged.
  3. Only Team per person.
  4. Remember we doing this for fun.


The Hypa Drive League – 

Quite probably the most popular fantasy league in Trinidad and Tobago, the league boasts the biggest membership of Trinbagonian FPL managers. Hosted by radio DJ personality Hypa Hoppa, it is regularly covered on their daily radio show “The Hypa Drive” and is a place where bragging rights have to be earned and are not given.

Good luck to all managers in the 2017/18 season.


FPL for Charity – (click link for more info)

Not technically a free league, but a Fantasy League for a good cause. Our site contributor, Rene Ribeiro has launched T&T FPL Charity. The intention of T&T FPL Charity is to use the popularity of the Fantasy Premier League as a vehicle to assist those in society who are disadvantaged and less fortunate. This year’s inaugural edition is in support of the Elpsis Centre whose purpose is to support pregnant women who have been abused, displaced or are unable to stand on their own feet financially. The donation is $50 and further details can be found HERE.


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