FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – August

After three whirlwind gameweeks of the Barclays Premier League, we have our first prize winner in the FPL Vibes Prize League.

Storming out of the blocks is Jahera Parris with his team Fibre 2 d Prem F.C.  Jahera amassed a mammoth 198 points; 2nd best in Trinidad and Tobago, to claim the August monthly prize. For his choice of jersey, Jahera has selected a Liverpool 3rd Kit, Balotelli #45 from our official kit supplier Red Mango Kits.   Let us take an in depth look at Jahera’s excellent start.

In gameweek 1, Fibre 2 d Prem F.C. amassed a solid 70 points to start the season. Key performers were Raheem Sterling and Gylfi Sigurdsson with 13 points apiece, Fabregas (11), Rooney (7) and captain Diego Costa (12). Clearly satisfied with his opening day output, Jahera decided to bank his transfers and returned a modest 48 points in gameweek 2. Main contributors were Mata (10), captain Fabregas (12), Costa (6), Amat (6) and Sigurdsson (5).

In the third and final gameweek of August, a monster 80 point return was the difference maker that propelled Fibre 2 the head of the pack. Like many other managers, Jahera was misled by conflicting news regarding Costa’s injury, and used his 2 free transfers to bring in Sanchez and Naismith for Odemwingie and Costa. However unlike any other managers, it didn’t affect him negatively. Key performers were captain Sanchez (20), Sigurdsson (11), Sterling (7) and Naismith (6) supplemented by clean sheets for his entire defense; Jones (9), Caulker (6), Amat (6) and Begovic (6). This was enough to steer him well clear of the competition and claim his prize.

We must credit Jahera for making some great decisions to start the season, and he exhibited shrewd management with his outside the box cap of Sanchez in gameweek 3 that paid dividends. With the close of the transfer window and the international break now upon us, let’s see how things take shape as managers rejig and retool for the month ahead.

Can you feel the Vibes?

by Omar Romero







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