FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – March

A truncated March month in the Barclays Premier League brings us our eighth monthly prize winner in the FPL Vibes Prize League. The March monthly prize winner is Saleem Boochoon with his team Ebouela Hazard FC. For his choice of jersey, Saleem has selected an Arsenal FC Away Kit, Alexis #17 size Medium from our official kit supplier Red Mango Kits.

After his fruitful showing in March, Saleem rises to 12th spot in the overall standings of the FPL Vibes Prize League. The new leader is Omar Romero with his team Sporting Pelau FC followed in second place by Curtis Marshall with the Milanista. Ian Emamalie with his team Power Rangers FC currently occupies third place followed closely by Rishi Ramnarine with his team Pigeon Sweat FC in fourth spot. Rounding out the prize positions is Darryl Celestine with his team Manuvelona in 5th place.  Now lets take a closer look at how Saleem nabbed the prize for March.

Due to international fixtures and FA Cup commitments, the March FPL schedule featured just 3 gameweeks. Gameweek 28 featured doubles for QPR and Tottenham and Saleem made just one change bringing in Vertongen for Azpilicueta. His team returned a blistering 88 points with key protagonists being captain Harry Kane (30), Silva (11), Hazard (10), Giroud (8), Sanchez (8) and Eriksen (7). For the following gameweek 29, Vertongen’s cameo appearance was ended as he was replaced by Dawson from West Brom. The result was a modest 43 point with only captain Giroud (22) and Dawson (6) registering significant returns.

However the real fireworks came in Gameweek 30. Once again, Saleem made one change with Alderweireld being introduced for Wilkinson for a Southampton double up in defence. The result was a mammoth 98 point showing. This exceptional week was chiefly down to his captain “HurriKane” blowing through Leicester City with a hattrick for 34 points. Other main point scorers were Giroud (13), Bertrand (12), Hazard (9), Silva (9), Alderweireld (6). His stellar week gave Saleem at total of 229 points for March, 8 points clear of his nearest challengers Heath Romeo and Tommy Goodwin and enough to cop him the prize.

Every season features shortened months presenting managers with a unique opportunity to win prizes with well planned short term transfers. Key to Saleem’s success was his choice of captains throughout March who all brought him heavy point returns. In addition, his faith in his assets was handsomely repaid as they piqued at the right time, and his conservative transfer strategy meant that he did not sacrifice point hits to his competition. Congrats to Saleem on his accomplishment and well played!

Only two more monthly prizes up for grabs now while a fierce battle ensues at the top end of the table for the Grand Prizes. With double gameweeks still to come and some wildcards still to be discharged it promises to be an exciting run-in. Who will prevail?

Can you feel the Vibes?

by Omar Romero


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