FPL Vibes Prize League Season Roundup – 2014/15

As we continue to digest the wealth of international football on offer, and with many football aficionados already looking forward to the upcoming Barclays Premier League season, we take a look back at the top finishers in last season’s edition of the FPL Vibes Prize League.

Congratulations to the winner of the FPL Vibes Prize League 2014-15, Omar Romero with his team Sporting Pelau FC. After suffering a tough start to the season, the Pelau saw a change of fortune in October with a solid month that propelled him into the League Top 25 and earned him the October monthly prize. Consistent returns through January and February kept him around the Prize League top 10, and he made his charge through April to rise to the top spot. A tense battle ensued during the run-in with the league changing hands among the top 5 multiple times, but a strong final month in which he claimed his second monthly prize allowed Omar to prevail and claim the grand prize of an Apple MacBook Air and FPL Vibes Trophy.

Omar finished the 2014-15 BPL Fantasy League with a grand total of 2,333 points and an overall rank of 273 in the world. He also finished 1st amongst all players from Trinidad and Tobago making this his best ever performance in the game.

 In second place was Ian Emamalie with his team Power Rangers FC.  Ian too enjoyed a stellar season, with a steady start and impressive returns that saw him near the summit at the halfway point of the season. His consistent form saw him cop the December Monthly Prize and he maintained his measured approach saw him battling in the top 5 for the majoriy of the season, occupying the top spot at various stages. His best season ever saw QPR faithful Ian finish with an overall rank of 800 as well as 2nd place in Trinidad and Tobago to claim the second prize of an Apple IPad 5 Air.

Our second runner up was Darryl Celestine with his team Manuvelona. Darryl’s season was a tale of two halves. A rough start to the season saw Darryl mired in the FPL Vibes Prize League wilderness during the first half of the season and well into January. However, the veteran FPL performer was able to turn it around during the run in with some bold and aggressive moves that saw him storm up the table to gatecrash the top 5 in April. His late season blitz saw him claim the April Monthly Prize and finished strongly down the home stretch to claim the 3rd place prize of a Sony Playstation 4.

Rounding out the top 5 was Curtis Marshall with his team Milanista and Aidan Ali with his team CescDrogs&Roque Roll. Curtis enjoyed yet another superb season, racing out to the front of the Prize League in the early half of the season and never dropping out of the top 10 places. Curtis claimed the monthly prizes for both September and February, and his 4th place finished earned him the prize of an Amazon Kindle Fire 7″. Aidan enjoyed a strong season progressing steadily from the start of the season and was a consistent fixture in the top 5 from January onwards. Aidan’s 5th place copped him the prize of an  Official Club Jacket of choice. He chose an Arsenal FC Youth Retro Club Jacket.

Thanks to all competitors who participated in the FPL Vibes Prize League 2014-15. Follow us on Twitter @fplvibes to see some pics of our prize winners.

The 2015-16 edition of the FPL Vibes Prize League promises to be the biggest yet. Details to come shortly!!

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