The FPL Vibes Prize League 2016-2017 is now open!!

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The FPL Vibes Prize League 2016-17 is now officially open!!

In addition to the coveted FPL Vibes Prize League Trophy, there are Grand Prizes on offer for the Top 7 placed finishers in the league. There are also Quarterly prizes of a custom loaded Amazon Fire TV stick and the usual Monthly Prizes of a Club or Country Jersey.

All entrants will be invited to our new FPL Vibes Prize League Whatsapp group and receive automatic subscription to our blog at .

 The 2016-17 Fantasy Premier League Season promises to be the most competitive ever. Let’s see who has what it takes to dethrone current FPL Vibes Prize League Champion Ian Emamalie to win the Grand prize.




First Place:   Apple iMac 21″ All in One Desktop and FPL Vibes Trophy

Second Place:   Apple Ipad Air 2 (or Latest Generation)

Third Place:   Samsung Galaxy S7 (or Latest Generation)

Fourth Place:    Sony Playstation 4

Fifth Place:   32 inch Flatscreen LED TV

Sixth Place:   Amazon Kindle Fire 7″

Seventh Place:   Official Club or Country Jacket of your choice


Amazon Fire TV Stick – Custom Loaded.


Premier League Club or National Team Jersey of your choice, including Player Name/Number/Badges.



 USD $50 or TTD $350


 The league will be capped at  120 players maximum. The first 120 registered players will be entered following which the league will be closed off to further entrants.


 August 12th, 2016


 Strictly, league code will be provided via email upon payment of Registration Fee. No Fee, No Code. Please do not ask.


Paypal: Send registration fee via Paypal (friends and family) to

 Direct Bank Deposit: TTD deposit to RBC bank account in Trinidad. USD deposit via Chase Quickpay. Email for further details.


What happens to the prizes if less than 120 players register?

 The prizes will be adjusted accordingly based on the number of registered players to include prizes and the cash differential. At a minimum of 60 players, the prizes will be:

 1st Prize:  Apple MacBook and FPL Vibes Trophy

2nd Prize:  Sony Playstation 4

3rd prize:  32 Inch Flatscreen TV

4th prize:  Amazon Kindle Fire

5th prize:  Club or Country Jacket

If less than 60 players register, the league will be scrapped and the fees refunded to registered players.

Can I enter more than one team?

 Entering more than one team is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

When will the prizes be distributed?

Monthly prizes will be distributed within 4 weeks of official notification from FPL Vibes Admin. Grand prizes will be distributed at the end of the season within 4-6 weeks of official notification from FPL Vibes Admin.

How will I be notified if I win a prize?

 FPL Vibes Admin will notify you of prizes via your registration email.

What if there is a tie at the end of the month?

 In the event of a tie at the end of a month, the winner according to the rules of the Fantasy Premier League game is the team that made the least number of transfers. If scores are tied and number of transfers are equal at the end of the month, then the following gameweek will be used as a playoff between the tied teams.

How do I contact league administrators?

 Contact us at for any questions or further info.


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