FPL Vibes – UEFA Champions League Fantasy Preview

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) kicks off tomorrow on Tuesday 12th September, 2017 as the continent’s best teams take part in Europe’s elite competition.

For seasoned Fantasy League managers like myself, the UCL Fantasy League game provides a welcome respite from the weekly shenanigans of the EPL, and a chance to manage Europe’s marquee players.

Here are a few key factors that make UCL Fantasy such a great draw:

  • Vast Player Pool – With 32 teams split into 8 groups, you have access to a virtual megastore of players to construct your Champions League team. This also lends for less “template” teams and more unique teams in your mini leagues.


  • Goals Galore – With Europe’s elite “Pot 1” teams often grouped alongside “Pot 4” continental minnows, the Champions League throws up many more uneven and high scoring games than the ultra-competitive EPL – which equals massive points on the table for opportunist managers with a keen eye.


  • Diamonds in the Rough – The intense coverage of EPL Fantasy by a plethora of online sources means there are few secrets. But with some rudimentary research, the Champions League can unearth some undiscovered talent. Nothing can beat the feeling of a 2 goal salvo from your 5.5m midfielder from the unknown Danish champs.


  • Manager Substitutions – The UCL Fantasy League games allows managers to make substitutions and captaincy changes within the same matchday. Once Tuesday’s games are completed, you can swap underperforming stars for players on your bench that are set to play on Wednesday. This is great because you don’t have to gasp in agony at major points stuck on your bench and you get two bites at the captaincy cherry.


  • Superstars – Cristiano Ronaldo. Lionel Messi. Neymar. Robert Lewandowski. All available for a premium price, but you actually get to play with these guys. Does more need to be said here?


So what are you waiting on? Register and sign up your team now at http://uclfantasy.uefa.com/en/fantasy17 .

Join the FPL Vibes Mini League using the code 642893Z7 or by clicking this link.

By Omar Romero

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