FPL Vibes Prize League Roundup – April

The penultimate month in the Barclays Premier League brings us our ninth monthly prize winner in the FPL Vibes Prize League. The winner of the April monthly prize winner is Darryl Celestine with his team Manuvelona. For his choice of jersey, Darryl has selected a Manchester United Home Di Maria 7 Size Large from our official kit supplier Red Mango Kits.

A barnstorming month sees Darryl gatecrash the prize positions as the Manuvelona soars to 5th place in the FPL Vibes Prize League. Ian Emamalie with his team Power Rangers FC reclaims top spot closely followed by Omar Romero with his Sporting Pelau FC.  Just behind is Curtis Marshall with the Milanista occupying third place with Aidan Ali and the creatively titled CescDrogs&Roque Roll holding on in fourth spot. We are firmly in the business end of the season and it’s a fierce race at the top with just four gameweeks left in the 2014/15 season. But lets take a closer look at how Darryl nabbed the prize for April.

The month got off to a blistering start for Darryl in gameweek 31 – a week which featured a double gameweek for both Aston Villa and QPR. For the double, Darryl rolled the dice bringing in Benteke and Phillips for Aguero and Elia to devastating effect. A mammoth 118 point return on deck with main contributors being captain Benteke (46), Phillips (20), Sanchez (13), Hazard (13), Giroud (7) and Rose (6).

With the double gameweek out of the way, reasoning that he had served his purpose, out went Phillips for Mane in gameweek 32. The return was a modest 48 points supplemented by Alderweireld (9), Benteke (8), Ospina (7) and Hazard (6). For gameweek 33, a number of teams had blank fixtures forcing two transfers to be used for gameweek 33 with Aguero being brought back alongside Murray to replace Benteke and Giroud. This time around, the ten man Manuvelona brought home 47 points. Main scorers were captain Aguero (12), Hazard (11) and Kane (6).

Gameweek 34 was probably the most anticipated round of the season with double gameweeks for Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester City and Hull on offer. Several managers used the opportunity to “buss” their wildcards while others planned well in advance. With his wildcard in play, a revamped Manuvelona was unfurled to obliterate the April challengers in the final week of April. A superb 105 point return was not too far off the overall highest for the round and was obtained courtesy of out-of-the-box pick N’Doye (15), Vardy (12), McShane (12), Azpilicueta (11), Mignolet (11), Morgan (10), Fabregas (8) and captain Hazard (10).

Whether or not to hold on to a wildcard for later in the season is a source of great debate among Fantasy League managers worldwide, but Darryl’s April accomplishment provided a big in favour of. He exploited the two double gameweeks in April to maximum effect and was especially well rewarded for showing faith in differential players – Phillips and Benteke in gameweek 31 and N’Doye and McShane in gameweek 34 were truly inspired selections. Congratulations again to Darryl on his prize win for April.

Only four gameweeks left in this the final month of the season and just the one monthly prize left up for grabs. At the top of the standings, it’s too close to call as managers slug it out for the Grand Prizes. Who will prevail? Who will falter? Will there be a dark horse? All this and more to come in a few weeks in our Season Recap.

Can you feel the Vibes?

by Omar Romero


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